Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blink of the eye

I can not believe how fast time has flown......It was barely the end of August for the last post and now it is a third of the way through October.

It feels like a lot of things had happened and other things had remained stagnant.
On the weaving front, I had not woven as much as I would like to. There is little progress on Bruce's scarf apart from the initial start after the samples. However, I have acquired a few new pieces of equipment.

I have got new boat shuttles, a manual bobbin winder and a caddy to hold my project related bits & pieces. It was Shirley's recommendations that prompted me to go to ikea and I found this simple caddy that is just right for sitting next to my loom! It has a upper tray and a lid (not shown) to keep away the dust, especially when nothing is happening......and a deeper bottom section to keep the yarn, the notes and the bobbin winder. It gives a a good sensation of being organised.

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