Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time flies

I have not meant to be away for so long. In fact, I have actually been composing posts in my head and have been continually taking photos. I just have not physically put them into the computer...... I cannot believe that 3 months had past. There is a bit of catching up to do.

However, if you are reading this and are in Melbourne, Australia, there is an interesting exhibition to see. It finishes next weekend on 3 May.
In the meantime, there was another exhibition in which I participated earlier in the year. It was called 'in bloom' and was organised by the RMIT union arts.

This was a small piece of silk painted sample, set in microwave and then quilted over.

The cushion finally completed - a sample of 8-shaft honey comb combined with commercial denim to form a 'box-style' cushion.

Finally, a bit of beading using polystyrene beads......they do look very pearl-like.

They following 2 pieces are by Michelle:

'Barely there': natural dyeing with flowers and kimono silk.

'Native flowers': discharge with bleach on cotton.

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