Friday, February 5, 2010

Ikat weaving demonstration

In early Nov last year, there was a demonstration of ikat weaving from the island of Flores, Indonesia, at the National Gallery of Victoria International. It was fascinating. I have heard of and read about backstrap looms but had never seen one in action before. It is amazing what is woven on them and how much space they take up compared to my 'huge' countermarche floor loom!

This is a miniature example of how the warp (or the weft if it is a double ikat) is wound and tied, ready for dyeing.

A view of the pattern on the warp and a section of woven cloth.

The 'heddles' I believe is a continuous piece of string looped over/under the warp threads.

A flat piece of timber is pushed through to create a shed, and the 'shuttle' is a rod with yarn wrapped around it in a tube. (you can just see it in the top right hand corner).

The 'shuttle' thrown and pulled out at the this end.

It was truly amazing and inspiring.


c u r i o u s w e a v e r said...

I've seen this type of weaving being done in Bali and even had a go! Using that backstrap loom isn't easy and requires alot of skill and tenacity. Fabulous photos of the process, Amanda. Kaz

WEAVEblah said...

"Some" years ago now, I lived in a Central Asian country where the heddles were made like this, using a 'heddle-making board device'. The heddle cord was wound continuously around the board which ensured that the heddle dimensions remained constant.

Lucky you to attend this demonstration.