Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruffling with the knitting machine

Yesterday I helped out Christine at the MAKV stand at the Craft and Quilt show, with some demostration of handmanipulation techniques.
Very simple one, just lifting some stitches from a few rows below to the current row and knitted them together.
I used a 'Brother' machine. A very simple machine that only did stocking stitch and any variations are by tension change or hand-manipulation.
The effect reminded me of the curly seaweed that you get at Japanese restaurants! well, especially in this colour.
This is made of 2 ply Bendigo Woollen Mill 'classic' wool and I dyed this colour with Barb. We used acid milling dye and the microwave.
It also satisfied my search for various methods of creating ruffle effect with machine knitting. More on this obsession in another post.


WEAVEblah said...

You can work magic with your knitting machine; what an interesting effect, and great green colour too.

Christine said...

Great use of the simple mid gauge machine Inspiring project project

sampling said...

Thanks WEAVEblah and Christine. I feel more relaxed with machine knitting when I am making 'un-shaped' objects and have the chance to 'play'!