Monday, October 4, 2010


Spring is a month late in arriving this year. Last Saturday, there was lovely blue sky and the temperature just crept above 20C. Perfect day to get out of the city.  Shipbuilding and I took a drive here to see this.

It was well worth the 2.5 hours each way!
There is something about seeing things in real life rather than just in photographs or in a book. The textures, the colours, the drape of the cloth. It was beautiful.
So if you are anywhere near Ararat, it is worth a visit.


Valerie said...

Ooooh! Would love to see that exhibit a half a world away from Michigan US. Do they have a published catalogue/book for sale?

I've seen some of her fabrics as examples in a course taken with Randall Darwall.

sampling said...

There is a book and here is the details. Maybe you can order through your local bookstore?
Author: Grace Cochrane
ISBN: 9780980354065
ISBN-10: 0980354064
Publisher: Australian Centre for Craft & Design
Date Published: 1/11/2008
Format: Paperback Book
Pages: 120
Language: English

Meg in Nelson said...

sounds like a fantastic exhibition!

neki desu said...

what privilege, what luxury,what joy!

Donatella said...

Ohh, fantastic! I got to know about her when I picked up a book in Auckland. The exhibition must be wonderful! If only it took a 2.5 hours drive from here too...