Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where did this come from?

I have packed away my knitting machine for the moment and am back on track with the task on hand. 

Somehow, this image has inspired the following weave but I am not quite sure how. 
I just started weaving. I have had the cones of yarn out for a few weeks now, just sitting there waiting for me to be ready. I am trying to use stash yarn only for this project. Somehow, I have been diverted from the original idea of woven shibori but I am happy with this so far.
As I was weaving this, I could not help thinking that the curious weaver will be frowning. Kaz is brilliant with colours and KaTe (the 8 shaft countermarche loom) has white warp with white weft on at the moment and now Chibi (the 2 shaft Saori loom) has black warp with black wefts.

The warp is the black cotton warp that came pre-wound on the loom. There is about 4 meters left on the back beam. The wefts are Colourmart lace-weight cashmere and Avril silk stainless steel yarn.
The funny thing is that you can't even see very easily how the pattern is developing without the contrast white paper underneath. I have only placed that there so that the photo would work!
I am just going to weave a scarf length sample, probably about 2 meters as I think that it will be an interesting piece in its own right. 
The plan is that when this come off the loom, I will wet finish it in hot water to wash off the oils on the cashmere and hopefully, it will full a bit and the silk SS will crinkle up.
I am already thinking about a second full sample and that it may have a bit more colour?
Come to think of it, my last P2P project had the silk SS yarn in it too!


Meg in Nelson said...

Goodness me, you're way ahead of me. Don't you just love the "I don't know where I'm going but I'm going ahead" state??

sampling said...

It is a wonderful state to be in! (maybe it is the hibernating syndrome of a cold dark rainy winter day) and it helps when you don't have to think about the warp. :)

Jules said...

The lines certainly echo the contours in the photo... the twigs, the birds profile and the shadows. I love it. Look forward to seeing how it responds to blocking and movement!