Thursday, September 1, 2011

P2P2: the big reveal

Finally, the piece is completed, washed and photographed.
The image:
The yarn:
wool, cashmere, silk stainless steel
Before wet finished:

After wet finished (in the washing machine):

The finished item:
I am really pleased with the finished piece and I only wish that you can feel it through the screen as the slightly felted cashmere and wool are gorgeously soft.......
Thank you Meg for all your work in organizing this and to everyone else for participating.
It is really interesting to different design process and results!

Apologies for the really dark/shadowy photo of the piece but it was already dark by the time I got home from work and can only use the flash!


Meg in Nelson said...

That's an amazing transformation in the wet finish! Fabulous, Sampling!!

Anonymous said...

I love your translation of the photo and the final result is amazing Xxx

Peg Cherre said...

OMG, I absolutely LOVE it! An EXCELLENT representation of the photo!

Can you share how you achieved the points, or have you already done that in your earlier blog posts?

sampling said...

Thank you everyone!
I was so tired last night by the time I finished weaving and tying the warp ends that I threw it into the washing machine at 30C at express wash. As soon as I pressed the start button, I thought Ooops, maybe it should have been the gentler wool wash cycle. In the end, it worked and felted the perfect amount!

The points are achieved with clasp weft technique. See Kaz's video here:
and a much earlier post from here:

c u r i o u s w e a v e r said...

Your translation of the image is great and i especially like the hint of the bird, it will surprise as it is worn.

jules said...

So, so beautiful! I especially love the chirpy robin-red highlights ; ) I can't wait to see and feel it!



saoriweaver said...

I really like this! It was great to see your results in finishing with the materials you used.

And - I love clasped weft.

sooz said...

Stunning - and the feel in real life is divine. Congratulations on a wonderful piece. I love everything about it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I love the little glimpses of red, like seeing a robin hop about the garden in midwinter... Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful interpretation of the photo. The texture and those spots of colour are really exciting.

Donyale said...

It looks amazing - of course I didn't expect anything different after seeing and feeling the piece 'in the flesh'.

Wonderful and very inspiring.

sampling said...

thank you everyone for your comments. I really enjoyed the project and many thanks to Meg organizing and Geodyne for the images!

neki desu said...

this is sooo incredibly handsome!!
finally got hold of you again. my computer fried and i lost almost all my bookmarks.