Monday, October 3, 2011

Slow.....but getting there

This warp was put on the loom (KaTe) for last new year's eve. It has taken me that long to get to this point. Four dyed samples:
Sample 1 to 4 (from right to left)
Sample 1 - cotton warp & weft
Sample 2 on loom - straight pleating with twill base weave
Sample 2 - cotton warp & weft
Sample 3 on loom - patterned pleats, twill base weave
Sample 3 - cotton warp, silk/linen weft
Sample 4 - cotton warp, linen weft
I used Procion dye in Black MX2R but had forgotten that I would not get a true black. It came out more like a dull indigo on the cotton. However, on the tie weft, which was pale yellow in colour, it has dyed as a deep ink black. I managed to untie the pieces without breaking the yarn. I am saving them to use as weft on another piece of weave as it has quite a nice space dyed effect.
All the different fibres absorbed the dye well and had good coverage.
I spoke to a friend of mine and she mentioned that I may have to add yellow and blue to the black to make it more black, but if I wanted a grey, then I should get the grey dye!
Weft yarn - mercerised cotton
I think this calls for more sampling and dye tests to find the 'right' colour. This has so far been a good exercise to decide on what combination of patterning/pleating I would like for the next lot of samples. There is at least 5 more meters of warp on the loom so I don't have to worry about running out of warp!


neki desu said...

am totally in awe of you people who judiciously sample!

Donatella said...

They are all beautiful, but my favourite is the second sample!

sampling said...

Thank you both! I have started a piece combining the first 2 samples. The interesting thing with the woven shibori is that I can not be sure what the end result will be!?

Kaz said...

I love all the samples