Tuesday, February 12, 2013


YABANE SCARF 矢羽 ya (arrow) hane->bane (feather) (jap.) - “fletchings, feathers of the arrow”
'Shaping of this scarf is inspired by the feathers of Hamaya - a “demon-breaking arrow”, a decorative arrow sold at shrines at New Year’s to ward off misfortune and to attract good luck. Pleated look of the scarf is actually based on Miura-ori style of origami that folds into a neat compact shape and opens into multi-dimensional textured accessory.'
quoted from Olga Buraya-Kefelian.
I met Olga on Skype through Sooz one day and she showed us her design of the Yabane scarf. I loved it and offered to test knit it for her. My most sincere apology as it is embarrassing to say that it had taken months for me to finish this project, despite the fact that it is a really simple pattern to knit. I have to admit that I am really SLOW knitter and always get stuck at the weaving in ends stage........However, the knitting part is completed, ends woven in and the piece blocked. Now I just have to wait till the weather turns cold to wear it.
I love the three-dimensional aspect of the structure and the simplicity of the design.

There was also the folded shibori/origami pattern that I came across at the workshop with Yoshiko Wada.

This book is also quite interesting. I have not tried anything from it yet, if only there are more hours in the day..........

What's more, it also reminded me of the 2-dimensional woven pattern that we  saw at the Nishijin Textile center
There was a display showing samples of the finished cloths.
woven samples
warp threads being prepared for dyeing
dyed warps
the 'warp shifting box'
warp threads being 'shifted' to create the arrow pattern
The pattern in the warp ready for putting onto the loom.
You can see some sort of bamboo reed to keep all the threads in place.
It is interesting to see how the pattern is formed to such precision.


neki desu said...

thanks for sharing those awesome nishijin photos.
btw. are you familiar w. the aizome origami shgibori book?

sampling said...

No, I am not. Will be interested to find out about it though! BTW, am starting Japanese language classes next weel......

Alida said...

Thanks for the photo's from your wonderful work.

sampling said...

Thank you Alida for your comment! Looking forward to seeing your weaving? 2 Toika looms! Wow!