Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saori: clasped weft weaving

The warp was a fine cotton mixed with some metallic yarns on a 2 shaft loom. It was already on the loom so there was no time spent on warping/threading etc. Just the kind of thing for holiday weaving. In fact, the waste yarn section was already done and I went straight in with a nice soft chenille yarn.

This method required a similar yarn thickness for all the colours as the 2 different wefts appear in double thickness in the same pick. Kaz explained it really well in her post and also in a subsequent video tutorial. The cone of dark green yarn sat on the floor and the golden colour was in the shuttle, leading the pick.

Then I progressed to 3 colours. The dark green cone was still on the floor, the white was just a small ball of yarn sitting on the weave, acting as the leading weft with the dark green. The colours on the right were in the shuttle and they were the leading weft with the white yarn. It is the exactly the same method repeated twice in the same pick.

When we got to the end of my sample, I wove with some fine waste yarn to finish off the piece. Then the interesting part. Edith said she learnt this in Kyoto. I allowed enough for cutting off, and then wove a couple of inches with fine waste yarn, I used up odd bits that were left on some bobbins. Then we applied PVA glue to the section while the warp is still in tension. We waited till the glue dried, slot the front rod into the next section and then cut off my sample.
This allow the next section to be secured without any tying of the warp - no knots, no bulk and minimal waste on the warp. I think this method will work well for a sampling warp.

I haven't tried it yet since I got back, but it is something I would like to test out.

Actually, I am already planning a project with this method of weaving but first, I have to finish what is on my loom.....


Kaz [curiousweaver] said...

Amanda I really like the trick with the glue. This is a keeper.

Lynn in Tucson said...

I love the addition of a third color!