Monday, January 19, 2009


It is January and I am feeling behind already. I had intened to catch up with my postings but could not find my password.....after speaking to Kaz on the phone, I decided I had to find it tonight! and get on with it.

I put this warp on towards the end of Nov but did not have time to do any posts before I went away in December.........In fact, not much had happened in terms of weaving on my looms.

I found this 'orphaned' cotton/mix? warp in my stash and decided to try it first instead of the sample blanket idea. I haven't figured out how to use the second warp beam so I have wound the warp onto the sectional warping beam as if it was a 'normal' beam.

I took the reed out and tied the raddle onto the top of the beater. The sectional warping beam sort of acted as a raddle as well at the back of the loom.

I did a straight threading to go with the universal tie-up.

and this is as far as it got.......


Anonymous said...

My loom came from Kaz last year as well. It's lovely to know the hands that have worked on the loom in the past and to have seen some of the textiles created on it - although that part's intimidating, given I'm years away in skill!
Like yours, this one has two back beams, one sectional, and like you I have been using the sectional beam like a standard with a raddle-like attachment. Each time I warp I change or adjust something (physical or technique), still settling in to it.
Have you done a lot of weaving in the past, to have orphan warps on hand?

sampling said...

Judy, I am definitely a beginner weaver. The warp is truly an orphan as it was hanging on the school notice board for nearly a year before I asked if I could take it home. I thought it may be interesting as it is not colours I would normally choose.
I am studying textile part-time at RMIT, almost a subject at a time.....and have taken weave as a major.

Jane said...

Amanda -- good to see your loom getting dressed! Wishing you many many many happy hours of weaving on her.

Happy 2009,