Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shibori with Yoshiko Wada: II

After rinsing out, the cloth was pressed and the patterns revealed themselves.
miura - pressed out
spider - pressed out
It was a 2-day workshop. On the first day, we also tried out some folding and clamping techniques. I learnt to fold some interesting shapes.
On the second day, we learnt Arashi (pole wrapping) techniques. I used a gauze cotton, folded it in half and wrapped it around the PVC pipe. I tied it with a crochet cotton.
I love this pale indigo colour. There were a few of us wanting to dye on the last day and we only had one dye vat. As a result, I took mine home still on the pipe, thinking that I may dye it again at a later date. Curiousity took hold and I unwrapped it. I untied it carefully so that I kept the cotton in one continuous length as it absorbed some dye and resulted in something I can use, maybe in my weaving!It was so similar to the folded feint* ruled paper!

*feint 2
— n
printing the narrowest rule used in the production of ruled paper
[C19: variant of faint ]


Meg in Nelson said...

Didn't get nearly as much in my 3 days, but I need to rinse one, press all, and post, I think.

sampling said...

Meg, I am really looking forward to see your post! How many did you have in your workshop?

neki desu said...

the cotton thread will be great to weave or stitch with

Meg in Nelson said...

Do you think we can actually fold fabric like you did the paper and dye it? I'd love to try, but the only think I can think of are either very stiffly starched something or rather, or silk???

sampling said...

Definitely. Yoshiko had a sample of polyester organza that was folded this way. Cotton and linen should be easy. lightly starched silk may work!? and then it will be clamped to hold its shape?