Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shibori with Yoshiko Wada: I

I should be stitching my homework for tomorrow's class but I am too excited and needed to share.
I am lucky enough to get a place at the Shibori workshop with Yoshiko Wada, organised by Leanne from Kimono House. There are 12 of us and today, we learnt to do fold & clamp and some of the stitching techniques.
Yoshiko and Leanne had prepared a synthetic indigo dye bath for this workshop and we all had a chance to dip our samples into that today.
What was so exciting for me was to learn how to do these tying and stitching properly and effectively.

miura (loop binding) - tied

miura - untied

Note: the top 2 rows are demonstrated by Yoshiko and the bottom 2 rows are mine. You can see how even hers are, all in a straight line where as mine are all different sizes and a bit random.

spiderweb - tied

spiderweb - untied

I would like to get a sample for ori-nui (fold & stitch) done tonight. Tomorrow, we will move on to do arashi-patterned cloth (pole-wrapped).


Meg in Nelson said...

Loving the color blue! Your stitching looks very neat and tight. I wonder if I can do that...

sampling said...

Meg, Yoshiko has a tool (hook as illustrated in her book) to assist with the loop binding. It makes it a lot easier and faster (of course, practising will help a lot more). She said that there is someone in Australia who makes them so I am going to follow up on that!

neki desu said...

if you go to arimatsu near nagoya
there's a shop on main street that sells all those needles and tools.
it's worth the trip, not to mention the museum.
ask me how i know :)

Anonymous said...

pretty results!