Saturday, August 7, 2010


It is mid-winter but my peach/nectarine tree is already in full bloom. Maybe because it is in a pot and has a warmer micro-climate. I hope that it will survive the rest of the season and bear fruit this summer.

Seeing these blooms and recently using up that 'green' yarn, reminded me of this scarf I wove a couple of years ago. A friend wanted something special for her mother's birthday and said that she liked pink. My first thought was 'a pink scarf? I can't do something that is all pink!?' Then I saw the blossoms and thought about the colours that tied in with pink in nature. I broke them down into the pinks, the browns and the greens. This made me feel more comfortable with the idea of weaving something 'pink'.
Initially, I  could not find a green yarn commercially that worked with the other colours. In the end, Barb introduced me to dyeing small quantity of yarn in the microwave. This resulted in that 'green' yarn.

I wound all the different colours in a group and then randomly distributed them. This prevented a rigid pattern of stripes and worked well with a broken twill pattern. It was all 'Bendigo Classic 2ply wool' except for the pink silk yarn that also gave it a highlight sheen.

The scarf was well received and I was happy that I achieved the brief of 'pink'.


Meg in Nelson said...

I wonder if Melbourne could be warmer??? We are still far far behind in terms of flowers... Though it could be just our dark, shady garden.

sampling said...

It is only this small tree in the pot that had started flowering. Everything else still have bare branches! and only 5C this morning. I don't know that we are warmer!?


I love your interpretation of the beautiful blossoms on to fabric. It's amazing once you start really looking at nature's interplay with color that you realize the pink is just not pink but an array of colors that form the whole.