Thursday, November 18, 2010

Confessions of a yarnaholic

Is it possible to save the world economy one ball/skein of yarn at a time? I wonder if each knitter, weaver, crafter, etc went out and bought some yarn, what difference would it make.

It sure does feel like that at times. Stocktake sales, art and craft expos and shows, online shops, the temptation is all around and I have had a few moments of weakness lately. In addition, there are all these ideas floating around. New things I want to try but I don't seem to have the right yarn in my stash........
Or should I design my projects around yarns that I have in my stash?

Do you buy yarn with a project in mind or do you buy it just because you like the feel/look of it?

I had a conversation with a friend from Japan recently and she imagines that there are a lot of sheep in Australia and therefore we should have an abundance of choices with woollen yarn. Sadly, I told her that most of the wool/fleece are exported and processed and milled abroad, and that I have to buy 'Australian' yarn from the US or other countries.

So when I went to Avril, I totally lost control. I visited the retail stores, the one in Shinsaibashi, Osaka (level 2 in Daimaru) and the one in Sanjo St, Kyoto. Look at those beautiful cones on the wall. The colours, the textures. I was like a kid in a lolly shop.

At each store, they have displays of Setsuko Torii's designs. You can feel them and try them on. They are beautiful. There are people doing hand knitting workshops, and learning how to weave on knitter's looms.

However, my favourite one is the head office. I roamed along the corridor, shopping for yarn like I am at the supermarket shopping for grocery. Each type of yarn, in various colours neatly stacked on shelves. Large cones and skeins. At the end, the quantity I wanted is wound off onto cones. Usually when I have too much choice, I can't make a decision and I don't buy anything. For some reason, it was the opposite at Avril. I can look at each cone and think of a project for it. My imagination goes wild. I am inspired, I am giddy with excitement. I was there for hours.

I bought a bit of everything: linen, silk, wool and cotton. I bought for weaving on the Saori loom. I bought for a few projects I have seen in the Vav magazine.
Thank you Masumi for your patience with me. Avril truly is my favourite yarn store in the world!
Now I just have to weave, knit and make some beautiful things with my stash!


Meg in Nelson said...

Hee hee, I don't go to yarn shops when I'm in Japan. Too dangerous. I might loose my mind. I'm glad you had a great time, though. It's nice to see the inside of a Japanese yarn shop.

neki desu said...

ohhhh! i surely have to get there when i go to japan. as for buying yarn, i buy what attracts me. projects? they will eventually come.

sooz said...

Sigh. Me wanty. Can't wait to see it all, one cone/skein at a time :-)

shipbuilding said...

i think it's a combination of both. now you have a decent (and not so secret!) stash, you can plan some projects around your yarn.

Anonymous said...

I am giddy with envy. Really.

sampling said...

Thank you all for your comments. Yes, there was a certain amount of adrenaline running through me as I pick up each cone/skein of yarn. A definite place to visit! I can not recommend it more highly. Just make sure you have enough money or a credit card with pin number....(Japan is a funny place with credit cards - doesn't always work.)