Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saori, Osaka: II

We started by learning various techniques on these beautiful 2-shafts looms. There are so much you can do with 'just' plain weave. It really lets the textures and the colours take center stage. There is emphasis on expression, not too bogged down by how the selvedges look, etc.
This beautiful red sample is woven by Setsuko. She was one of the instructors during our week at the Studio.

This second sample was woven by Kenzo Jo and the first part showed the effects of the various twists in the yarn and the pattern that can be created by that. The yellow and orange parts are the similar technique to the red sample.

I wove 3 pieces in the 5 days. That is probably more than all the weaving I have done this year. This first piece was more of a sampler of all the techniques including clasp weft using 2 and 3 colours, looping, the textures similar to the red sample, insertion of fleece, and the blending of colours.

I think that the big revelation for me is that I can work with colours! I am not sure why but I have always find it extremely hard...... Somehow, at the Studio, with all the cones of yarn in front of me, that fear of colours seem to have diminished slightly. It will be interesting to see if I can keep that momentum with the next pieces that I work on.

This image shows how the piece progressed and the photo was taken with its full loom width of 60cm.

It is a little short for a wrap but works extremely well, doubled up as a short scarf. The softness and the drape is amazing. It is a limitation with images that you can not feel.....

The second piece is a joint effort with Kaz. We both wove on this. I have wondered how to achieve this, especially after the machine knitted pieces with the ruffles.

Again, some highlights from the brave new world of colour.

I think that this will be pushing my blogging skills to the limit as there is so much more textile content from our trip. I will try to keep up while everything is fresh in my mind.


Meg in Nelson said...

Nice to see pictures! It reminds me, a little bit, about the first time I ever wove - on a Rigid Heddle with thick wools, but went through Davenport's book and tried every hand-manipulated techniques listed, in as many yarn types I had.

This kind of experience frees the mind, doesn't it? And of course you can work with colors. Goodness me, it freed me from my 40+ years of Navy Blue Love/Rut!

sampling said...

Thanks Meg!
It is freeing and presents a very different point of view about weaving. I am feeling inspired and ready to weave but first need to finish off the P2P piece. Will take pics of that when it is on its way.

MonetPaisley said...

They are amazing. I have always wanted to weave but have never got around to it, apart form some indonesian ikat weaving in high school. I love your creations.

sooz said...

Oh they are lovely! I would love to have a touch and feel the drape. The texture is very inviting.

sampling said...

MonetPaisley, thank you for your comments. I wonder if the Saori studio setup would work in Australia!? It gives people the experience without a lot of set up cost.....