Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New recruits......

We had a wonderfully productive sunday afternoon of maching knitting by 10-year old 'A' who came over with her dad. Both of them have never done it before but at the end of 4 hours, they each had finished pieces!

'A's' younger sister also helped to push the carriage but she was a bit young to do a piece on her own. She knitted a scarf 40 stitches wide by 1000 rows, based on card #8, tuck stitch.
Her dad knitted 2 panels of 50cm by 120cm to be linked partially together to form a wrap. That was on card #3, tuck stitch.
I am off to Christine's this evening to do the linking and hopefully, she will show me how to block the pieces as well!

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neki desu said...

with tears in my eyes here.after 368 stitches, changing weights very often my knitting dropped from the needles.seems i cant knit over that stitch ceiling no matter what fiber i use :(