Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Speed by machine

This would have been a hand knitting project that takes months (by me that is) to complete and the extensive amount of stocking stitch would have driven me insane. However, the beauty of the piece has an attraction that made me keep thinking about it.
Finally with some encouragement from Soozs (and she has given a lot of that to me lately), it became a bit of a challenge to figure it out by machine.

75g of 2/28 lace weight cashmere and 4 hours later. Completed and I can gaurantee that it will be worn heaps this winter!


neki desu said...

ohhh lovely!!!
how did you create those horizontal runs?

Meg in Nelson said...

Knitting machine? A new frontier!

sampling said...

Meg, I learnt a bit of machine knitting at RMIT but had not done much outside of it till Christine introduced the Singer 200D machine to me which has a lighter carriage (sore shoulder). It does not have a punch card reader but suits this project well. Will do a post on it soon. Soooooo much quicker than hand knitting!

Meg in Nelson said...

Don't tempt me. I have my hands full!

Kate said...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend! It was so inspiring to meet you and talk to you. xx