Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pics to Picks Design Challenge II

Meg from unravelling has organized various virtual events over the years. I have previously participated in a couple of them. This year is the second Pics to Picks* and there are 19 of us participating.  We each send the name we are given a series of pictures (from 2 to 6) and we use them as a starting point for a design for weave. I think that this is an interesting design method and what is exciting is that it takes me out of my 'comfort' zone a bit and makes me push the boundaries or work with elements that I may not have otherwise considered.
You can have a look here or click on the poster on the side to check out the rules and what the others are doing and how everyone is progressing.
The following 6 pictures are the ones I sent to Alienore and hopefully she finds them inspiring!
There is also a secret to 2 of these pictures. I have actually used them for 2 designs previously and I wonder whether she would choose those images and what she may do with them if she did choose them. Of course, I am not going to reveal which ones they are until the very end......

The following 6 pictures are from Geodyne and I got them this morning.

I think this bonus image of Charlie, the ginger cat, who is just focusing on some thread is to give me inspiration! and a demonstration of how I should be thinking about the pictures!

* a pick is a pass of the shuttle in weave terminology, i.e. one weft thread, and pics is short for pictures.


Meg in Nelson said...

Both beautiful sets, Sampling, but the kitty pic is a cracker.

Anonymous said...

WoW! amazing photos

Anonymous said...

They are all wonderful images. And Charlie too - he clearly has the right priorities.