Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To be inspired.....

We do live in exciting times and there are much around to inspire me.
If you live in Melbourne, there are a few must see exhibitions.......

From left to right:
The Shumei Kobayashi - weaving the future at the Lesley Kehoe Gallery.
Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2011 opens this weekend at the Wangaratta Art Gallery.
aRtECYCLE is at the Incinerator Arts Complex at Moonee Ponds.

The following images are from aRtECYCLE:
Virginia Miller
Horizon Deficit Syndrome: Antidote 2007
Anna-Maria Plescia
anew 2011
Brook Morgan
Untitled 2010
Kim McKechnie
Bound by the Collective Self 2008
I hope you make it there and enjoy.
Note: all of the photos are taken by me with permission at the gallery, with the exception of the last one, obtained from here.

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neki desu said...

wonderfully exciting.uncanny the way they relate to the photos you sent.