Friday, June 3, 2011

P2P2: First thoughts

Just wanting to capture the initial reactions with each picture and see what comes to mind. For me, sometimes these initial reactions can be quite a (i) literal interpretation of the image or it can be (ii) an extraction of colours or patterns.

ii) I am normally not a bird lover but strangely this image is attractive. I love the background and the persimmon colour on the bird. I have no idea what type of bird it is but if someone can tell me, I will be grateful.
I can see some sort of woven shibori with a white background, dyed to the colour of the tree twigs/branches, a grey/black/brownish/greenish colour with some highlights of the colours on the bird somewhere in the piece. 
i) Literally this is a Saori clasped weft weave structure with the colours of the sea water, the foam and the various shades/tones of the sand, wet and dry. so far the most no. of colours I have tried in this technique is 3. I am sure in theory it should work with more colours but I can foresee lots of tangling issues!?
ii) Striped coloured warp with the colours as mentioned above and a broken twill weave pattern.
i) & ii) I can see a deflected double weave pattern speaking to me in the clouds. A combination of soft white fluffy yarn and pale grey colours. Actually the soft white fluffiness can be a variegated yarn with some of that sunset yellows and oranges. It is both literal and abstract at the same time!

There are 2 approached to this image. I can either work with the objects in the foreground or the pattern in the background.
i) The foreground reminds me of a combination of  diamond/rose path shapes with broken twill combination using quite strong contrast colours of dark and light.
ii) The background again is a Saori-style clasped weft weave structure that is quite free forming using white and various shades/tones of green and some yellow?
ii) I think that this will have to be a 'thousand flowers' weave structure with white, green, various shades of pink, mauve and deep burgundy. I used a peach blossom picture previously to design a broken twill scarf in similar colours so I probably won't pursue this image further.....
i) I can see the frills on the dresses and it speaks of movement. The Saori frilly scarf weave can apply to this with a change of colours to match those in the image. I am not sure whether this is literal or not anymore. 
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Meg in Nelson said...

The second picture - why not a combination of color changes in the warp and the weft, thought I, because it will be you weaving it, not I. Was it a little irresponsible? X-o But this way you could create greater contrast in the saturation of hues, or variations in the value... Just thinking out loud and trying to visualize... I think it's my Log Cabin experience talking.

Geodyne said...

Loving your ideas so far!

The bird is an english Robin. In fact he was my "house robin" when I lived in the UK, and followed me everywhere when I was in the garden. I've always liked the contrast between the warmth of the bird and the iciness of the snow in that photo.