Monday, November 21, 2011

3 is the magic number!?

I have learnt to do a lot of things through books, from friends and also by taking classes/workshops. This includes my textile pursuits as well as in cooking.
Usually for the first attempt, I would follow the instructions quite closely and it sort of acts as a 'control' sample. For the second time, I start make changes because I may have discovered a better/easier way; I want to adjust the design from the original, some fine tuning; or I want to try different fibres/ingredients combinations.
Lately it has come to my realisation that it often takes 3 trials to achieve the satisfying/ideal outcome.
I did a workshop last month on machine knitting and made 'Bri's cardi in wool. Somehow, I miscounted in the decrease in the second panel. I was not happy to just finish it so I re-knitted that panel.

This month I decided to knit the same garment in a linen/silk yarn from Avril. There was a yarn break in the first panel. Just before linking the panels together, I decided that I may give the garment as a gift and will not be able to mend the yarn break well enough so that it is not noticeable. I re-knitted the panel. So far, 3 panels per garment.
Now when the garment is all finished, even the unravelled yarn looks beautiful!
I also wanted to start my next hand knit project. I wanted to take it with me on the next trip and wanted to make sure that I know what to do. I have not knitted many 'lace' pattern before. I cast on and started knitting. Somehow, when I get to the 4th row of pattern, I had miscounted the total number of stitches. I unravelled. This happened twice! I cast on again. I will get some markers before I start the pattern repeats again.........
Is this why people say 'third time lucky?'


neki desu said...

looks wonderful.wonder if it is way above my capabilities. will get the pattern anyway :)

margery meyers haber said...


sampling said...

Thank you! Bri's design is brilliant and I love my cardi's!