Friday, November 18, 2011

A flying visit: Praha

The three days that I spent in Praha (Prague) was totally inspiring. I can not really describe the energy that I felt in that city. It was not only the activity with lots of people around you but the visual feast of textures, colours and creativity that was scattered around the city.
I apologise in advance if I missed out on credits to works of art and not being able to tell you more as I could not really read any of the signs - they were in Czech.....
Located in the foyer of the public library:
The column of books
The column of books
On the river bank, it was the Prague Contemporary Art Festival:
nuclear cocoon by Carol Hummel
nuclear cocoon by Carol Hummel
shendra stucki
(i don't know if this is the name of the artist or the artwork)
In front of the town hall:
Snowflakes by Cestmir Suska
Outside the Museum Kampa:
There was also an artist book and paper exhibition at the library, but they had run out of catalogues and no photographs were allowed. We were lucky to have caught it on the last day!
I hope that you have enjoyed a glimpse of this amazing city as much as I did.


Meg in Nelson said...

What a treat! What a treat for us all, too. Thank you so much for posting.

alternative thoughts said...

What a moment in time, filled with enriching public art, thank you for sharing these works.

neki desu said...

such a great city and how lucky in time you were!

Anonymous said...

Shendra stucki it's the name of the artist, it's a wonderful and young girl from switzerland!

the artwork have no title!