Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meltdown - stress inhibits creativity

After weeks of dealing with appliance service people, I was really pleased with myself that I only took my Saori loom with me to craft camp. A piece of equipment that does not require electricity, does not make a lot of noise and is calming and straight forward to use.

Warning, there is a bit of ranting here, so you can skip to the photo at the end if you prefer.

First, my microwave oven stopped. It happened at the same time as the light bulb in the oven blew. The latter was easy. A trip to the supermarket, new bulb, self installed. The microwave, however, took 2 trips to the repairer to get fixed properly.

Second, my fridge stopped. The repair man came, charged A$200 and ordered a new  temperature sensor part. Apparently should take 2 to 5 business days. Two weeks later, there was still no parts, rang them multiple times and I got answering machine each time. I left messages but no one called me back. I complain to the distributor. Hah! Part arrived. Finally, took time off work to wait for repair man. Texted to say estimated 9am arrival, 11:45am was the actual arrival time. Wrong part ordered! Still non functioning fridge after 3 weeks. 
Finally, decided to buy new fridge to avoid dealing with these people. They stressed me out! Do they think that because they are the 'authorised service agents' that I have no choice but to use them!?
Well, maybe but new fridge is the other choice.
I love my new fridge. The service was much better. Delivery was made within the time frame specified and they moved my old fridge out onto the kerb for hard rubbish collection. 
I also have other appliances of the same brand as the new fridge so I know that their service calls can be nominated within a 2-hour window, and they answer their phones.

Third, my telephone stopped working. Needless to say, I learnt my lesson. I bought a new phone and dropped non-functioning phone off for recycling.

In that whole month of electrical appliances meltdown, my level of creativity was zilch. Things that I have woven did not really work to expectation, sewing had to be unpicked and re-sewn.
Now, all that bad energy is gone and the creative mojo is back. I had fun and calm in the last couple of days. My loom enjoyed its first trip out of the house since arriving from Japan. Much happier now.

A glimpse of my creation at craft camp:

Now, if only I can get Blogger formatting to work better, but that will be too much to ask.......


neki desu said...

i know that one. when one appliance gives up it needs company so it takes along whatever it can.
your weaving looks very good.

Meg in Nelson said...

Goodness, I feel your pain. I hate creating rubbish so I try to get things fixed as much as possible. And I no longer always go to the authorized folks as others tend to have parts for older models, too.

But my appliance problems come in threes - goodness, you had 3.5 or 4, depending on how you look at it. Dealing with folks drain your energy. I have a potenetial new washing machine guy - the guy being new - but now my washing machine decided to behave better. Imagine that! Actually, I should ring him to let him know I will call him the next time it makes a strange sound.

I'm glad you're back on track. Suits you better to be actively creative.

sampling said...

Thank you Neki and Meg, once the decision was made to get a new fridge, calm and peacefulness just overcame me and all was well!
I have a weave commission to discuss today and am very happy about that!

Kaz said...

I'm so glad your ultra electrical stress is resolved. A fridge is a really important item and managing without one is very difficult. Your weave from the craft weekend looks wonderful.

Donyale said...

That all sounded v stressful and v non helpful for v nice creating....but what you make when you do? Oh My. Wonderful

sampling said...

Kaz and Donyale, I can't believe that I managed without the fridge for so many weeks. I feel so much better without all that 'unnecessary' stress and am looking forward to the next weave project.