Sunday, April 25, 2010

How things can change......

I was having a discussion with Michelle about how many things I have on my plate when I decided to actually get all those things out so that I can see them: then it is not just a list in my head that has grown out of proportion. I started rumaging in my yarn boxes to see what i can use for the pics to picks project.
What a co-incidence or how lucky can I be? you may recall how I mentioned that colour is not my strong point but I am working on it.......
This is a painted warp left over from the ikat workshop with Kaz. In fact, I have a suspicious feeling that this is the demonstration warp she did!

The colours are perfect!
So now the ideas for this picture has evolved. It is no longer a clasp weft structure but some sort of twill/plain weave/repp weave type structure.
When I examine the picture closely, I can see the texture of the canvase amongst the colours. I think that it will have a black weft.
Time will tell what it will become.......

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