Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kusha Kusha

I had bought the yarn from Avril and Colormart last year and have had this project queued in Ravelry. At last, I have resumed an interested in hand knitting and had started this scarf. The instructions are from Purl Bee and very easy to follow. The silk stainless steel yarn had no give, so it is not so easy to knit. I think it will take a while.
I have attempted to knit this on the knitting machine but the stitches are too even and loses the texture that I have seen of other people's images of the finished scarf.
I have also got the instruction of my mom's gathered stitch pattern! Both Deep End of the Loom and Kaz are interested:

I think that mom also varied the number of rows of stocking stitch to make it more interesting.

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