Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rooftop Cowl

A photo of one of the rooftops at Nijo Castle in Kyoto. I originally took the photo as inspiration for a weave pattern. I can see it so clearly as a weave.

However, since being home, I started to knit the 'alexandria cowl'. It is a gift to a friend in Japan and hopefully she will get it in time for their cold winter. As I knitted, I kept seeing the image of the rooftop in my mind, especially in this colour.

I love the texture, the contrast of thick and thin creating these ridges.

I have knitted this before and had also given it away. I think I will end up knitting it a third time (and hopefully the last time, for myself).

In the meantime, this edition has been re-named the 'rooftop cowl'.


Meg in Nelson said...

They used to make roof tiles in the surrounding Kawara Machi (literally, the town of roof tiles). I don't know if there are any such industry left, but the address remains.

I love your knitting: I think it's a very special gift for your friend. Brava.

neki desu said...

great rendition!lucky friend.