Sunday, April 25, 2010

How things can change......

I was having a discussion with Michelle about how many things I have on my plate when I decided to actually get all those things out so that I can see them: then it is not just a list in my head that has grown out of proportion. I started rumaging in my yarn boxes to see what i can use for the pics to picks project.
What a co-incidence or how lucky can I be? you may recall how I mentioned that colour is not my strong point but I am working on it.......
This is a painted warp left over from the ikat workshop with Kaz. In fact, I have a suspicious feeling that this is the demonstration warp she did!

The colours are perfect!
So now the ideas for this picture has evolved. It is no longer a clasp weft structure but some sort of twill/plain weave/repp weave type structure.
When I examine the picture closely, I can see the texture of the canvase amongst the colours. I think that it will have a black weft.
Time will tell what it will become.......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pics to Picks

I got my pictures from Esmae a while ago but have not had the time to do a post on them until now.
Machine knitting class has been taking up all my 'down time'. I have been doing samples in the evening after work, on weekends, and any spare time in between other things. It is wearing me down and I keep thinking of all these other things that I have on the go as well. Last sunday, I had 'stitching' group and managed to finish the linen jacket. I was so happy!
On friday evening, I skyped with Kaz and had a brief chat about the images I had received:



I thought there is only about 6 weeks to go and I need to come up with something soon!
My first impression was that they are not images that I would normally use to inspire a weave design, but then, that is the idea! to do something different.
I look at them and can see more literal translation into weave patterns or structures. Kaz looks at them and can see the meaning and other connections with the pictures. She sees historic and cultural connections. I think that even if everyone who signed up were given the same images, the end results will quite be varied.

Menorah: some sort of double deflected weave, block design, 2 colours, probably wool for the deflected weave to work properly
John Papas painting: some sort of clasp weft soari-style weaving with the colours from the painting. I don't work with a lot of colours so the choice of colours is a bit 'scary'.
Meadow and mountains: I have not read the poetry component of the images but have focused on the colours and the shapes. They are calling out for a shibori weave dyed in varying tones of blues. A bit like an indigo process. In fact, I think that all the colours in the 2 images can probably be achieved through indigo dyeing.

Kusha Kusha

I had bought the yarn from Avril and Colormart last year and have had this project queued in Ravelry. At last, I have resumed an interested in hand knitting and had started this scarf. The instructions are from Purl Bee and very easy to follow. The silk stainless steel yarn had no give, so it is not so easy to knit. I think it will take a while.
I have attempted to knit this on the knitting machine but the stitches are too even and loses the texture that I have seen of other people's images of the finished scarf.
I have also got the instruction of my mom's gathered stitch pattern! Both Deep End of the Loom and Kaz are interested:

I think that mom also varied the number of rows of stocking stitch to make it more interesting.

At last

I started this last year aiming to have it ready for spring/summer but at last, it is completed. Fortunately, the autumn weather is still warm enough to wear it.
The pattern was rated easy but it was not so easy and definitely for experienced sewer with time. There was a confusing section in the instruction on the collar stand and that made me put the project on hold for a bit, while I try to find out what I was supposed to do. Finally, a friend and I worked it out over some tea and cake one day!
It is made of an Italian linen I bought on sale for A$10/m, beautiful to work with and I had washed it before hand so that I won't have to get it dry cleaned.  I also found these painted buttons made of coconut shell that matched perfectly! They are 40mm dia so I decided to sew snaps/large press studs behind instead of making button holes.
One thnig leads to another and this side of the press-stud needed to be covered. I found the instructions to do them on the Threads website. Very easy to follow and am very pleased with the results. If I had a thinner material, it would have been better, but this works.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Eggs: symbol of rebirth
These are fermented eggs so I am not sure how that relates but they look beautiful, a monotone version of easter eggs and so well displayed.

I like Easter. It is quiet time. It allows me time to catch my breath and reflect. Not in a religious way but just time to contemplate.