Saturday, August 7, 2010


It is mid-winter but my peach/nectarine tree is already in full bloom. Maybe because it is in a pot and has a warmer micro-climate. I hope that it will survive the rest of the season and bear fruit this summer.

Seeing these blooms and recently using up that 'green' yarn, reminded me of this scarf I wove a couple of years ago. A friend wanted something special for her mother's birthday and said that she liked pink. My first thought was 'a pink scarf? I can't do something that is all pink!?' Then I saw the blossoms and thought about the colours that tied in with pink in nature. I broke them down into the pinks, the browns and the greens. This made me feel more comfortable with the idea of weaving something 'pink'.
Initially, I  could not find a green yarn commercially that worked with the other colours. In the end, Barb introduced me to dyeing small quantity of yarn in the microwave. This resulted in that 'green' yarn.

I wound all the different colours in a group and then randomly distributed them. This prevented a rigid pattern of stripes and worked well with a broken twill pattern. It was all 'Bendigo Classic 2ply wool' except for the pink silk yarn that also gave it a highlight sheen.

The scarf was well received and I was happy that I achieved the brief of 'pink'.

Winter Garden

Thanks to my green thumbed friends, there are some beautiful things to enjoy this winter.

Freesia buds
And a bountiful harvest of these golden coccoons:
Fortunella margarita, or the Nagami kumquat