Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally, 3 colours

There had been a few distractions since the last post.
I seem to knit or weave but had not seem to be able to do a bit of both at the same time. I wonder why? I got some Avril lamb linen left over from a friend's project and tried this pattern:
It was fun and quick! and made me feel like I achieved a lot while figuring out the next step with the P2P2 weave.
It had also been a while since I tried this technique, and I had to refer to the book to figure out how to do the 3-colour clasp weft properly. The knitting may just have been an excuse.......
I am happy with this, much more so than just weaving the green as per the last post. This green yarn is also a better colour and is not a super-wash yarn. It will be interesting to see how it behaves with the wet finish.
In using the green against the white, it also reminds me of this! the junction between the carefully raked sand and the velvety moss that grows adjacent to it.