Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trying......not to buy more yarn

I have been slowly working at using up my yarn stash. It has worked to a point: 3 empty cones this year, but that was only 750g of yarn.

No where near the amount that I have bought last year. The rate of acquisition is much, much, much greater than the rate of consumption. In human terms - this is obesity.

However, yarn diet is hard.

Soozs showed me her 'not-quite-circluar-shawl' for machine knitting class homework. It was beautiful and she knitted it out of 'Madeline Tosh' yarn. So naturally, I have been finding out about them and I want some to try.
Niki showed me her 'stripey-cashmere-blanket' and I am love that as well.
I normally only try to only have fine yarns in stash so that I can both weave and knit (hand and machine) with them. Or so I tell myself.
In researching for the Madeline Tosh yarns, I saw this today and thought maybe I should expand my reportoire and start hand knitting with thicker yarns. It will be quicker!? 
I have subjected myself to great temptation and my will power is weakening by the hour, and I only have myself to blame.

I am trying very hard today to focus on the 'work in progress'. I am onto my 4th rooftop cowl. I am not sure whether this will also be a gift or for myself, but I still have yarn and am determined to use them up. I have been spreading these cowls around the world: Hong Kong, Japan, Prague. There are a couple more birthdays coming up this year where this may be an appropriate gift.