Friday, July 25, 2008


We went to the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show last Saturday.
It was my first time but I was guided by 3 veterans who knew the place inside out and I had the best time.

First, we saw the animals.
I touched one of these (with the owner of the animal holding on, of course) and they are so soft.

My favourite kind of sheep.

Then, we went shopping at the stalls:

Some drop dead gorgeous vintage Irish linen to weave with.

And the most important of all, the craft section with all the entries.

Carole's felt bag with resin handle.

And Michelle's red woven scarf at the rear with the very interesting fringe.


michelle said...

The veterans would like to thank you for the enjoyable outing. It was a long day for us old veterans but our energies were kept up by the lovely cookies

c u r i o u s w e a v e r said...

I must get to Bendigo one day. Especially the irish linen!