Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Loom waste

This will be the practice piece for the box cushions. It is a sample that I wove from the last 50cm left on the loom. I like to use as much of the warp as I possibly can, usually by trying new weaves and experimenting with different tie-ups and threading.
It is an 8-shaft honeycomb woven with 2 ply bendigo wool for the base weave and a slub yarn as the outline weft. I like the way it shrinks after washing to give a lace-like effect.

I got some black denim to form the basic stucture of the cushion and I think the texture and the colour work well together. The fringe will be hidden in the hem so that I get a neat square finish.

The very last bit of loom waste: what do other weavers do with them?
I usually give mine to Michelle who will use it in her resin and glass projects, and I have been saving the ends of the needlepoint scraps for Carole to use in her felting.



That piece is really beautiful. I can't wait to see how your cushions turn out. I take my loom waste and collect it in a pillow case to use as stuffing for throw pillows and shams.

Anonymous said...

Good choice of fabric - I do think denim is great at complementing handwoven cloth. Maybe it is the tightness of the weave, or the uniformity and yet-not-quite-uniformity of the finish. Dunno. Anyway, thumbs up!