Sunday, November 2, 2008

All back together again

It took one and a half hours and it was all back together again. Thanks to Kaz's meticulous packing, labelling and photos, and the original assembly instruction, Bruce put it back together so quickly I could barely keep up with the photographing.

There were these numbers marked at the junction where pieces should go.

My loom......(it is such a beautiful thing)

When we got to this point, Bruce said that it was all up to me. It just looked too complicated to him..........He had a quick lesson on weaving terminology to follow the instructions and mentioned that he would like to build one of these things from scratch one day. Mmmm, food for thought!

I spent a bit of time admiring it and then thought that I better have a look at all the literature I have collected over the last feel months, on how to do the tie-up for a countermarche loom. I had no idea what to do next.

As I mentioned that I was going to do Janet's sample blanket, I looked at the universal tie-up instructions. I don't understand. It doesn't seem to go with what all the other articles were saying about countermarche tie-ups. Then I remembered seeing the sample blanket on someone's blog. The question was whose was it?

I tried to look up the blog list but there were so many. Then I found it on Dorothy's blog. She explained it so well and it all made sense.

I will order the yarn tomorrow. When I have the warp on, I will be able to see if I have done it correctly.

I also spoke to a weaving friend of mine, telling her the joy of seeing the loom put together again. she will be moving house soon and is in the process of dismantling her loom...

So I guess, at any one time, a loom is being taken apart and put back together again somewhere.


c u r i o u s w e a v e r said...

Amanda - you got the loom up so quickly and it looks lovely. It really is worth putting a loom together as I think you will appreciate how it works more. Best wishes with your first project. kaz

Jane said...

What a gorgeous loom! And how exciting that you know whose hands last wove with it.

Am so looking forward to seeing it fully dressed and the first shots thrown!


Ruthi Luthi said...

Ah. I'm loving the blog. Sequestered away as I am in far distant Prague I at least have SOME insight into the beautiful things you are making. I can't wait to see Bruce's finished scarf. It's so stylish! Sewing machine sits by me. I WILL get there. You will keep me inspired. In the meantime, I will keep an eye out for unusual textile. Can't wait to see what the new loom will help you create! Merry Christmas Amanda. Ruthi

Ruthi Luthi said...

I'm inspired again. I love the cold fire runner you wove. The colours and textures are beautiful. Also can't wait to see what you will weave from the beautiful threads from Japan. I must take a photo of myself in the scarf your mum knitted. The tawny wool one. I have knotted the ends together and twist it around my neck like a fluffy collar. Perfect in the snow. I have had SOOOO many compliments. More photos of current work PLEASE!