Friday, June 4, 2010

Pics to Picks

As per the previous post, I decided to use the cotton warp left over from the ikat workshop. I also found another black cotton warp from a previous project of the same yarn type. What luck!
Then I got thinking, what about a double weave. I delibrated between a double weave where I can form folds on the upper layer and possibly with a twill weave structure and a plain weave on the bottom layer or this interlocking  structure as per the diagram below. (from the book on Doubleweave by Ursina Ann-Grishott)

Since they were already 2 separate warps, I wound them onto 2 beams. This will also give me the flexibility of re-threading and trying out something else if I did not want to keep with this idea.

The book also has a very good explanation of how the threading and treadling works:

I had cut the ikat warp in half and used the 2 parts to create a contrast at the vertical intersection and to make it a wider piece.

The ikat warp is slightly wider and will slightly extend beyond the black layer. For both layers, the weft will be the same black cotton. This is reminiscent of the texture of the canvase in the image.

I would have liked to at least started weaving to see if what I envisaged would work, but this is as far as I got.......


Peg in South Carolina said...

I love this! Makes me want to move from crackle to double weave.

Meg said...

But promise, if you do weave this, post photos and let me know? I can't wait - the hand dyeing looks so very delicious.

sampling said...

Thank you, Peg. I have been fascinated with double weave for a while now and would like to experiment with it a lot more. I think that only by actually weaving it that I begin to understand it.
Meg, thank you so much for organising this. I will definitely let you know when I start to weave it! I am so frustrated as I have sore right shoulder and arm and am not sure when that may be!?
Note: I think Kaz actually dyed that warp so I can not take credit for it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Those colors fairly vibrate with energy. I can see from the author's style of diagramming this is the doubleweave book I need.

Dana and Daisy said...

I'm with Meg, I'd like to see what you weave with this beautiful warp!

Leigh said...

Hi. I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my cat Rascal's blog. I love ikat and double weave is next on my weaving to-do list. Your warp is really eye-catching and I think the piece will be as well.