Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woven shibori II

Our little Shibori group get-together has been cancelled. I think that this time of the year can be overwhelming and I certainly feel that. I need to feel calm and collected before going back to work on Monday! 
In the meantime, I can prepare more samples till we do meet.

At the base of the photo, you can see the 2/2 twill woven in a contrasting waste yarn, so that I can check the pattern. That is the background cloth structure. This sample has a regular pattern for the tie threads and hopefully, the result will be a more stripe-like pattern.
The shuttle is one that I bought in Japan. It is made of oak and has a very wide opening for the yarn to come through. I think that it is designed for thicker yarn so that it does not get snagged or caught as the bobbin unwinds.


Meg said...

I do look forward to seeing how this one will look when dyed.

shipbuilding said...

I can't wait to see all these samples too. Two of my favorite things - herringbone and shibori together!