Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things on the go

I get together with a few friends probably once a month and we catch up, eat cake and do 'stitching'. Some of the others are working on William Morris needlepoint tapestries but I have a soft spot for this style of cross-stitch. I started this in November last year and it will probably take me the whole year to finish it.

I wound a new (3.5m) warp ready to go on the loom tomorrow night. It is to be a colour-weave pattern and is of 2-ply Bendigo Classic pure wool. This should be enough for a couple of samples and maybe a scarf length.

A wonderful Christmas gift that will come in handy with that 5 kg of Damson plums that my cousin dropped off one evening - it will be a jamming weekend. Why does Damson always ripen on the hottest days?

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