Saturday, February 6, 2010

More exhibitions: Part I

I was fortunate enough to see this when I was in Hong Kong over Christmas. It is part of the permanent exhibition so if anyone is there, it is worth a visit. (and entry is free on a wednesday).
I found out that photography was allowed in this exhibition (no flash, of course) and I went back the next day with my camera. The lighting level is higher than I expected compared to those at exhibitions in Australia, but it helped with the photography.

This cylindrical shaped object is a thumb ring holder, so you can imagine the scale of the object. The diameter is just close to one inch.

This fan has a woven floral image with a straight twill background. It is such a subtle design and the carving on the handle is a continuation of the floral pattern.

The following 4 images are that of 'cloud collars'. They are primarily decorative but can also prevent grease stain from the hair getting onto the dress collar! The shapes are interesting as are the different decorative styles.

This last item is a headgear called a 'tianzi'. It is decorated with pearls, semi-precious stone and inlaid with kingfisher feathers. All the turquoise coloured parts are made of feathers.

In this last image, you can see the grain of the feather. The workmanship is spectacular.

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