Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weaver to weaver 2015

Each year, Meg organises several online events that allows more contact between weavers than the normal reading and commenting on each other's blogs.

One of these events is called Weaver to Weaver where we send a small envelope of weaving-related items that mean something to ourselves and/or may inspire the receiver. 
I sent my envelop to Donni of loomandarty and received one from Patty of untangled stringfrom Utah in the United States. 

One half of the package relates to where Patty lives. The hand spun yarn and mohair locks truly reflect the textures and colours of her environment. Patty's pamphlet of the ski resort and the warning on 'you could die out here' made me smile as I am one of those totally non-outdoor person so there is no danger if I ever go to visit Patty in Utah................ although I really do appreciate the beauty of nature.

The second half are items from her extended stay in Thailand a while ago. It is very interesting as I have just been reading the blog post on Kaz's tour to northern Thailand and Laos. Despite the differences in culture, and landscapes of the 2 places so far apart, I can see some similarity in the colours! 

I am learning to use more colours in my work so these images and yarns are good push in the right direction. In saying that, the last 3 items that came off my looms were still black, white and grey. 
Thank you Meg and Patty for your inspirations, and happy weaving!


Meg said...

Yes, we are going to keep watching to see if you add hues into your work! Go forth, go colorful.

neki desu said...

you go !! color is coming to you.