Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weaving in the new year......II

We had a lovely new year's eve. We ate and talked about our aspirations and plans for 2011, our goals and how we may work towards them, our dreams and long-term plans. All in all, it was a very calm and relaxing way to bring in the new year.
We also did some weaving after dinner.........
Alternative Thoughts started on Chibi, the Saori loom and had fun with the various coloured and textured yarns that she brought with her.

Shipbuilding started on the double weave and did a sample size. It was hard going on the table loom as she has a floor loom at home and had not used a table loom for a few years. I understand what she meant as I struggled a bit with the P2P piece on the table loom. It takes a lot longer to weave. Fortunately, I think that the Ashford loom has become the sampling loom so I won't have any negative thoughts about it!

I had a go at the woven shibori on KaTe. It took me ages to do the tie-up so I will investigate ways to improve that. It should not be too difficult. I think that will need a blogpost of its own.
The weaving itself was a dream. It did not take long to do a small sample so it gave me an immense sense of achievement. A good feeling on new year's eve.


Meg said...

And, my goodness me, what a memorabilia for farewelling the old year and bring in the new. I LOVE the idea of a weaving New Year's Eve party, absolutely! Congratulations.

Oh, and weaving on a table loom - boy, that does require some getting used to, doesn't it? Plus, I'm short, so I have to weave standing up! But the urge to weave overcomes the obstacles eventually. I kind of got used to them - though I can't weave even a small scarf in less than, oh, a week...

Marion B. said...

Weaving at new year's eve, great idea.
Happy new year.