Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weaving in the new year......

This year, instead of the usual new year's eve party with lots of food and drinks, I decided on something different. One of the things I have enjoyed most this last year was actually getting some weaving done and keeping in touch with my textile/weaving friends. So what better way to see in the new year than to combine all the things that I enjoy!
So I asked a couple of them (shipbuilding and Alternative thoughts) to join me with a 'weaving party'. We have a round robin set up with 3 looms, 3 different warps, and 3 different types of weave structures.

Barb who came to visit from the country for a couple of days helped with the preparations. She can't stay for new year but wanted to be part of it. So she has helped to wind the warp, threaded and sleyed it. This will be a woven shibori warp (hence white) and is on KaTe, the 8 shaft countermarche.

This one is a double weave stitched fabric. Cotton and wool, threaded and sleyed on the 8 shaft Ashford table loom, but will only be using 4 shafts.

And then the last one will be Chibi, the 2-shaft Saori loom. And we will try to connect up with Kaz via skype so that she is part of the weaving party as well!

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