Friday, December 10, 2010

Talented people:II

I feel honoured to be friends with these very talented people! I am in awe of their ability to create and to inspire. Best of all, they have encouraged me and I am grateful.

Shipbuilding has a limited edition of textile creations and she has launched an online shop.
I admire her ability to work with different mediums: yarns, textile, and paper, and her patience for printing her own fabrics and dyeing her own yarns. 

Alternative thoughts has just graduated from the RMIT textile course. Her works are displayed at the Fuse exhibition. So I would encourage you to go to see that.
She works with an amazing variety of materials and techniques. This is an example of her glass works. Her blog is being updated slowly. Blogging takes time and effort. I also understand that when you are new to blogging, it takes even longer.

Jane B. is a shibori and batik artist whose patience is amazing. Her attention to detail is admirable and the length of time it takes to create one of her pieces is mind boggling.

As I said, I am in awe of them. I feel privileged to know them and I have learnt much from them.


Meg said...

And you're not so shabby yourself, my dear!!

neki desu said...

thank you!! i've always felt that i am dispersed, but looking at them and their work i feel i'm o.k now. it's not wrong :)