Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shibori catch up

At the beginning of December, a few of us who participated in the Yoshiko Wada workshop got together and did a mini-dyeing session. We had a lot of fun eating, chatting and did some dyeing. We also discovered that we all enjoy sewing and will probably get together to do some of that as well!
Here are some of the results:
Jane R. had a piece of cream coloured silk and she had already started a serious of ties before hand and finished them off while we were getting everything ready.

The dye we used is a Procion MX Morrocan red. It resulted in different shades and intensity of the colour depending on the fibre and the base colour.
This was mine and it was a piece of ready-rolled hem silk scarf that I had left over from the workshop. I was not very well prepared for the get together and only rolled and knotted the scarf on the day.
Esmae folded, tied and knotted this piece and it also came out really well. The colour is more pink but this is a cotton base.
Jane S. who also prepared an eucalyptus natural dye pot had to leave hers in the pot overnight so we don't have a visual yet. She is also the person instrumental in getting all the dyes so we were very grateful for her expertise!
We are going to get together again in the new year so it will be interesting to see what we come up with next time!


Meg said...

You are really getting into this Shobiri thing, aren't you?

neki desu said...

shibori is so rewarding. yours is coming along really well.