Friday, December 17, 2010

Saori, Osaka: IV

Although the Saori loom arrived with the warp pre-wound on the back beam, threaded and sleyed with the standard black cotton.
At the studio we also learnt to put on a new warp using yarns of our choice. We used the warping board with the cone holders fixed at the top, and learnt to use our fingers, with some deft movement, creating the cross with multiple strands of yarn as we wound the warp. There was no need for a warping paddle. It seemed smooth and easy at the time. Kaz had taken some videos and I hope that when it comes to doing this again, it will remind me how to proceed!

I have never wound a warp from front to back, nor have I ever seen one of these cross-boxes where you can sley the reed and thread the heddles off the loom. I have read about tying on a warp from front to back but they looked a bit different from this. I suppose this is one of the appealing aspects of these looms, no bending over to thread and sley.

The reed is held in place in a horizontal position on the table. Each end comes off the cross-box in sequence and is pushed down by the sleying tool.
Then the shafts are put in front of the reed in a vertical position and again, each end is treaded in sequence. There is a weighted holder for the ends. The ends can be combed so that they lay flat in the groove and was held down by the metal rod. It works really well with cotton and silk but I did not use it for the wool warp. The wool was a bit 'sticky' and did not work so easily with the holder.

The combination of reed and shafts were then fitted back onto the loom and the ends were tied onto the rod at the back of the loom.

The other end was tied to the handrail and the loom pushed away to create a certain amount of tension. The warp is then wound onto the back beam slowly. It was easy, quick and we did not encounter any problems with snagging.

The ends were then secured into the clipping rod at the front. Easily done!

I hope that when it comes time to wind on a new warp, I will remember everything and it will be as easy as how I have described it!


neki desu said...

interesting warping aids, esp. the cross box.ah the japanese!!

sampling said...

What I like about them is that everything is so compact!