Monday, July 29, 2013

Out of the dark

If the 'dementors' were to visit me on friday, they could have sucked the soul out of me easily. It had been one of those weeks, months.
I threw out 2 desserts and barely rescued the third. I cast on 2 items but frogged them as I could not get them to work. Things that usually make me feel better don't seem to have the same effect.
I know that it is up to me to change that feeling from dark to light. I know that it is a matter of time. It is winter. I feel cold and pain. I feel tired and can't concentrate. We are past the shortest day. There are 4 weeks till craft camp.

I need to make something, to weave something. I have been thinking about this piece for a while. I had to ask myself though whether I was just asking for trouble.
I wound a warp with this yarn: 24 epi, 21 inches wide, 504 ends, 3.4m long. I don't know if I have calculated the sett correctly. It will be a light fabric, I think.
It looks beautiful. Like bundles of noodles.
And then I started to prepare to thread the heddles. I don't have enough heddles on some of the harnesses. I forgot to count them before I started...... I am out of practice.
It took me a couple of hours to fix this. I could have threaded the warp differently but I wanted the option to do plain weave or twill. There is enough length in the warp to do some experimentation. In fact, I think that this whole piece will be an experiment. I am halfway through threading. I think that I may be ready to start weaving next weekend......
And the weft yarn - a special hand-dyed yarn ( フリスビー手絣) bought from Avril. I think that this colour way has been discontinued.
Things can only get better. Right?


Jules said...

I know that place, when all seems too hard and nothing really works.... The only thing that breaks it is persistence, which is often the hardest thing to generate when I'm feeling like that. But it sounds like you have. Stay with it! Your piece will be beautiful and you will feel stronger xx

Meg said...

And they will! Chin up. I can't wait to see what develops on your loom.

neki desu said...

waiting for that piece to grow in all its awesomeness.
have a little bit of chocolate in the meantime in the sun if wonders.

Jodie said...

There has been a bit of that feeling looming in the corners here as well. I too, keep thinking of craft camp. we'll get there.

ruth said... is indeed a tough time of the year. A tough year? Things always get better and beautiful things are a perfect bridge.You make such beautiful things! xo

sampling said...

Thank you ladies, for your words of encouragement.
Jules, I have been wearing the cowl ever since I received it and it gives a level of comfort that I can not describe.
Meg, there is something soothing and therapeutic with weaving and I am happy with it so far.
Neki, definitely and I call them my stress pills, especially these ones:
Jodie, can't wait to see you at craft camp!
Ruth, there is less than a month of winter left, theoretically......