Monday, July 1, 2013

Small Piece exhibition

Last year, 2 pieces of my weaving were accepted into the 'Petite' exhibition.
Meg has organised a virtual 'Small Piece' exhibition based on that idea, small pieces of textile work woven on a loom.

I repeated the 2 pieces that were acquired by Wangaratta Art Gallery, and added another 2 pieces into the series. This series of work was inspired by a lecture at the International Shibori Symposium in 2011.

'Yoshiko Wada explained at a lecture on ‘Slow Fibre’ that we must understand our materials in order to create something special.
My work explores the notion that in understanding how these fibres, made of different materials behave on their own and their interaction with each other.
It is then possible to manipulate them with calculated expectations.'

All the pieces were woven on a 2 shaft loom in plain weave with various yarn bases made from plant, animal and mineral fibres. All the pieces are approx. 23cm x 16cm.

From Left: Plant Mineral i, Plant Mineral ii. Plant Mineral Animal i
Plant Mineral Animal ii
Plant Mineral i - detail
Plant Mineral ii - detail
Plant Mineral Animal i - detail
Plant Mineral Animal ii - detail
This last piece is also new and is inspired by the Tour de France; the category climbs that the cyclists have to endure and conquer.
Col de Noir ii

Coinciding with this virtual exhibition, I have actually entered these pieces in the Brunswick Street Gallery 'Small Works' exhibition. If you are in Melbourne, you can see these pieces in real life and they are for sale.


Kaz said...

Really beautiful and enigmatic.

Meg said...

Love the Plant Material i close up. Lovely work, Sampling.

neki desu said...

awesome!simplicity as a force.

on another note: i seem to have connected to the zeitgeist as i am planning an on line show of my latest series :)

Leslee said...

Love the shadowy patterns you've created. Beautiful work...very moving.

Carla said...

Love these samples. Such beautiful work Sampling!