Monday, July 1, 2013

Small Piece exhibtion: Amy O'Brien

Meg from New Zealand has organised a virtual 'Small Piece' exhibition and I am hosting Amy's woven piece on my blog. 
Amy is 10 years old and this is only her third time weaving at a loom. Amy wove on a Saori loom, 2 shaft with a pre-threaded black cotton warp. She brought all the weft yarn with her from home. She wove this last Saturday and it took her about 3 hours.

"The idea of a ‘do whatever you what’ weaving piece sounded epic, but what the problem was … what should I do? At first I thought an aboriginal flag, then I thought about doing bubbles. Finally I decided an ocean landscape. I weaved different blues and greens together so it began to look like the ocean. Next was the hard part I made a sort of hilly thing and made clouds and sky above.
By Amy O’Brien"

Weaving by Amy O'Brien, Photo by Suzie Fry


Kaz said...

Beautiful weaving Amy. I can see more great work ahead.

Meg said...

I LOVE the waves, and the hilly thing really looks hilly, Amy. Well done. I hope to see more of your weaving.

Unknown said...

Awesome job, Amy. Keep up the good work.

neki desu said...

never read such a delightful artist statement! the weaving has a definite aboriginal feel.
great work amy!

Anonymous said...

12 ultyntajwell done, Amy. It looks just like my ocean in Canada. keep up the beautiful weaving.